My paintings, though based in the landscape tradition, are cerebral and visceral explorations. They depart from pure realist depictions of the world and move towards a more expressive sensibility. By abstracting what I consider to be the elements of realism, form and light, my work becomes an exploration of my feelings and thoughts, reduced, distilled, and refined to the pure elements that engaged a visual response from me. Each painting is a memory, a reflection of my observations of nature and is a response to the trends in the art world, especially in paintings over the last few decades.

My intention is to embrace the medium of painting, its beauty and the layered meanings and symbolism that have been prevalent in the past. Light and atmosphere are elements that are important aspects of my work; they direct one’s gaze into the painting as well as create a sense of quiet meditation. Rather than re-creating a landscape on canvas, I aim to express its essence.

I work on several paintings at a time which allows me to transport strong elements and effective techniques from one piece to the next. Each painting shares some details with the other works in a given series. Ultimately, each piece captures some fragments of the landscape’s power.